RVE Plumbing Service is committed to the protection of human health and our ecosystems, and the prevention of pollution. Our Environment, Health and Safety Programs are designed to provide safe workplaces, prevent incidents, minimise environmental impacts and pollution, and assure compliance with applicable regulations. We strive to identify and eliminate any negative environmental, health, and safety impacts associated with our activities, services, and through the products we supply. This is accomplished through exceptional customer service, utilising innovative solutions and best practices, and continuous improvement and commitment.

To fulfil this commitment we shall maintain a continuing effort to: 

  • Provide workplace policies, standards, procedures and training to ensure that employees can perform their jobs in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner;
  • Conduct environmental health and safety assessments of activities on the site and taking the necessary actions to control identified risks and hazards;
  • Provide customers, contractors and general public with information to ensure that our services and materials provided are recycled or dispose of in a safe and environmentally sound manner;
  • Promote pollution prevention, including the conservation of energy, water and raw material resources, and ensure that all waste is handled and disposed of responsibly through work standards and/or installation of innovative solutions eg: water saving devices;
  • Advise customers and regulating bodies of reported spillage, seepage or disposal of pollutant substances;
  • Provide management leadership and require employees to share accountability for continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance;
  • Review our policies, objectives and targets and addressing all issues promptly;
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and company procedures related to safety, employee health, environmental quality and public health as a minimum standard of acceptable practice.