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Commercial Plumbing and Strata Building Management

As cities expand and building areas contract, more and more buildings are built up to accommodate more commercial operations and provide more living spaces. This increase of multiple occupied buildings also requires that the standard of the professional management...

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Emergency Plumbing in Sydney

There are a great range of buildings in Sydney. On the one hand, there are huge and ultra-modern shopping centres with complex drainage, where a problem can quickly grow to affect the smooth running of the entire enterprise.   On the other hand there are schools and...

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Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbing requires a different skill set to residential plumbing. It is a specialist area concerning plumbing for such enterprises as shopping centres, hotels, large strata buildings, factories and education facilities. A commercial plumber has the...

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Clearing blocked drains in Sydney

Diagnosing a blocked drain A blocked drain can cause trouble if it is not dealt with quickly. You may need to call your plumber to check for a blocked drain if: Your sink, bath, shower or toilet is draining slowly (or not at all). Your sink, toilet or household drains...

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Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance

Plumbing is an ancient craft, dating back to ancient Persian, Grecian, Roman, Indian and Chinese civilisations. In ancient Rome, pipes were made from lead, and the word plumber originates from ‘plumbum’, the Latin word for lead. Plumbing has come a long way since...

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