There are a great range of buildings in Sydney. On the one hand, there are huge and ultra-modern shopping centres with complex drainage, where a problem can quickly grow to affect the smooth running of the entire enterprise.   On the other hand there are schools and homes in Sydney built as long ago as the 1800s. Some of these have very old plumbing, which presents problems of its own.

A plumbing emergency is any plumbing problem that requires immediate action to prevent damage occurring to buildings or drains, or a quick response to return the normal supply of water essential for a functioning business or household. It is wise for a home owner or business manager to find the details of a reliable plumber providing a reliable emergency service, and to keep their number handy.

A number of situations can cause the need for emergency plumbing services in Sydney.

Pipe corrosion is a risk in older buildings in Sydney. Some pipes degrade over time, and leaks can begin to occur in older buildings, that have not had an overhaul of the plumbing system. Water may also become ‘dirty’ as a result of rusty pipes. This is a situation that should be addressed sooner rather than later; there is a risk of the pipes bursting.

Drain damage caused by tree roots or heavy vehicles is a common plumbing problem in Sydney. It is a good idea to contact a plumber with access to CCTV video equipment to review the state of your pipes immediately if you suspect any damage. A burst drain that is not found and repaired quickly can cause a massive amount of building damage in a short time; this can lead to situations potentially hazardous to the health of residents, such as an outbreak of mould. If you are unfortunate enough to have a burst drain, turn off the water mains and any electrical equipment in the area before calling an expert emergency plumber to replace the drain.

Leaks of natural gas or LPG constitute a substantial risk to the safety of people and property. If a leak is suspected it is important to call in the experts without delay. Turn the gas off at the meter and turn off appliances, both gas and electrical. If possible, also open windows and doors to allow ventilation until your emergency plumber arrives.

Remember that when facing an emergency plumbing problem, the more quickly you call a quality plumber, the more money you will save in the long run. A stitch in time saves nine.